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Dodgson Family Tree


Below is a list of other people who, like myself, are researching Dodgson families. I have included a short description of their particular research areas in order to help you in deciding if you have any common link.


Research Interests



Green County, Illinois Jane is researching Dodgson's in Green county Illinois, her husbands ascendants. JANE KUCK
Green County, Illinois Jana, like Jane, is researching Dodgson's in Green county Illinois, their branches seperated at the brothers Joseph W (29/07/1828) and John W (28/03/1832). Jana also has a website, which can be accessed HERE! JANA SHEA
Green County, Illinois Mary is researching the family of John Dodgson (1772) and Elizabeth Wells like Jane and Jana. MARY ANDRE
Green County, Scott County, Illinois Glen Walter Jackson and his father, Glen Dodgson Jackson are researching Dodgsons in Illinois (Greene county, Scott county, etc.) who seem to be descended from John Dodgson and Elizabeth Wells from England. GLEN JACKSON
  Linda is researching descendants of John Dodgson (1837) who married Sarah Exley. LINDA DODSON
Leeds, West Yorkshire Graham has only just started tracing his tree and would welcome any help. His grandfather lived in Leeds and was an undertaker. GRAHAM DODGSON
Paythorne, Gisburn Bob's line of Dodgsons are from the Paythorne and Gisburn areas. BOB DODGSON
Leeds, West Yorkshire Barbara's Grandfather Richard Dodgson was born in Leeds. BARBARA LAING
Wakefield, West Yorkshire John's maternal grandfather was Charles Edwin Dodgson, born 1905 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Charles had a sister Nelly who emigrated to Australia. JOHN WILSON
  Les is researching Lewis Carol (Charles Dodgson), and is looking for information on his sisters. LES DUBLIN
Sheffield, South Yorkshire Geoff is the son of John Henry Dodgson and Norah Keating. John Henry was born around 1916 in the Walkely area of Sheffield and was one of 10 siblings.
Newcastle Martin's line of Dodgson's are from Newcastle and he would appreciate any info on other Dodgson's from nearby. MARTIN DODGSON
Pennsylvania and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Mary's great grandfather was Ernest Dodgson who was born 1874 in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. He moved to the USA at a very young age to be adopted by a man with the last name Cannon. Mary is very intersted why Ernest moved to the US at such a young age alone. Ernests father was Henry Dodgson and his mother was Anne. MARY DODGSON
Pennsylvania and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Sandra is Mary's cousin and is also interested in Ernest Dodgson and his family. SANDRA DODGSON
Leeds, West Yorkshire Emma is descended from Brian Dodgson and Ella Spence of Leeds West Yorkshire. Brian had two brothers Fred and Kenneth. EMMA DODGSON
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Jean is descended from Thomas Dodgson [4] and Ellen Moxon and as such is a distant cousin to myself. JEAN INGHAM
Edinburgh, Scottland Roxana is researching the familly of Rev John Dodgson from Edinburgh. John had two sons John Crawford Dodgson (1825) and General Sir David Scott Dodgson (1821). ROXANA EARLE
Whitehaven and Carlisle, Cumbria Hamish is trying to trace a Dodgson family from the Cumbria area. Stanley Dodgson of Whitehaven had three daughters and Hamish would welcome any info on this family. HAMISH BROWN
Manchester, Lancashire Sheila is looking into the family of John Dodgson and Ann Easton. They had three children Elizabeth (b.1824, m.William Hayes), John (b.1827, m.Ann Cole) and William (b.1832, m.Sarah Ratcliffe). John senior was a stonemason from Manchester. SHEILA TURTON