Virtus Semper Eadem Virtue Is Always The Same

Dodgson Family Tree

Thomas Dodgson (1845 - 1902)

Parents: Joseph Dodgson, Nancy Firth. Siblings: Maria Dodgson, Mary Ann Dodgson. Spouse: Alice Wilson. Children: Maria, Leonard, Harold, Lenora.
16th January 1846 Born in Emley West Yorkshire parents Joseph and Nancy. [Birth Certificate] March 1851 Living in Emley age 6. [Census 1851] March 1861 Living? Age 16. 19th October 1868 Marriage to Alice Wilson Silkstone Parish Church. 26th December 1869 Baptism of son Leonard in Silkstone Yorkshire. [Parish Records] March 1871 Living in Silkstone age 26 with wife Nancy Firth and son Leonard employed as a Coal Miner. [Census 1871] 31st December 1871 Baptism of Daughter Maria in Silkstone. [Parish Records] 7th June 1874 Baptism of son Arthur in Silkstone. [Parish Records] 8th July 1876 Birth of son Harold in Silkstone Yorkshire. [Birth Certificate] 3rd Sept 1876 Baptism of son Harold in Silkstone. [Parish Records] 30th May 1879 Death of son Leonard age 9 Buried 2nd June. [Grave & Parish Records] 31st May 1879 Death of son Arthur age 5 Buried 2nd June. [Grave & Parish Records] March 1881 Living in 18 Lockwood Rd age 36 employed as a Servant Milkman. [Census 1881] March 1881 Alice and Harold living in Silkstone Village. 1881 Birth of second Daughter Leonora in Lockwood. [Census 1901] 5th August 1884 Baptism of son Fredrick in Silkstone. [Parish Records] 16th August 1884 Burial of son Fredrick aged 9 weeks in Silkstone. [Parish Records] 11th September 1884 Death of wife Alice aged 36 at Huddersfield. Buried 13th September at Silkstone. [Grave & Parish Records] March 1891 Living at 217 Victoria Rd Lockwood aged 46 with Son Harold, daughter's Maria and Leonora and Servant Emma Wilson. Employed as a Milk Dealer. [Census 1891] March 1901 Living at 79 Lockwood Rd age 56 with son Harold, daughters Maria and Leonora and wifes sister Emma. Employed as a Milk Dealer. [Census 1901] 19th December 1902 Died age 57 years 11 months buried at Lockwood cemetery. [Grave]