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This web site is dedicated to the family tree of Dodgsons in the Yorkshire area. My father and I have been researching our ancestors and have been concentrating mainly on the Dodgson bloodline. We decided to put all the information we had gathered on to the internet in the hope that others researching their family may be able to gain information from us and in the same way may be able to provide us with information on other Dodgson families or indeed our ancestors.


At the moment this site is still under construction. Because of the nature of family tree research and the difficulties of displaying information, it may not be fully functional for some time. I have decided to display the Dodgson family tree in a broken down format of three generations at a time, with arrows taking you up or down through the generations. However this is only experimental and if any one has any other suggestions please email me. Because of this set out it is probably best to start at the bottom of the tree (that is me James Dodgson) and work your way up. To do this click on the link marked bottom. Alternatively you can view the names of all the people in the tree and click on the link to take you to that individual.

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